UW Gold Star Honor Roll
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Gold Star
Honor Roll

A Memorial to Honor the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Fallen Service Members

Their Story Is Our Story

The stories of University of Wisconsin-Madison's fallen service members are our stories. Through the electronic Gold Star Honor Roll, we, the Wisconsin Union, and the UW-Madison classes of 1963 and 1967 are telling their stories of sacrifice and heroism.

The stories of our nation's service members have been part of the Wisconsin Union's story for generations, beginning with the dedication of the Memorial Union as a memorial to UW-Madison's Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I service members. In addition, in 1928, the names of those who died in active duty were inscribed on four wooden plaques on the walls of the Memorial Union's Memorial Hall. This is the original Memorial Union Gold Star Honor Roll.

The original and electronic Honor Rolls are named for a tradition that began during World War I; when a family had a spouse, son or daughter in the service, the family displayed a card with a simple blue star in the window. If the service member passed away in active duty, the card was replaced with a gold star. This tradition continues today. And so does the tradition of honoring these fallen UW-Madison heroes in Memorial Union.

Their story is the story of our nation. Their story is our story. Use the search options above to learn more about UW-Madison's fallen heroes.