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Arly Luther Hedrick

Graduating Class of 1918
Served in World War I

Arly Luther Hedrick

110th Engineer Regiment
35th Infantry Division


Kansas City, MO

Date of Birth

Location of Death

Brest, France

Date of Death

Location of Burial


More About Captain Hedrick

Captain Hedrick was cited for extraordinary heroism in action near Baulny, France on September 28, 1918. While he was reconnoitering for mined bridges, he was made aware that a certain masonry arch was being held under enemy machine-gun fire. He then placed his detail under cover and advanced alone under persistent fire, thus exposing himself while removing detonators from the various mines he found. After, he returned across open ground to his command.Capt. Hedrick was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. He later died of spinal meningitis.