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Eugene Blanchard Jones

Graduating Class of 1917
Served in World War I
Attached photograph of Lieutenant Jones

Eugene Blanchard Jones

Army Air Corps
95th and 103rd Aero Squadrons


Wilmette, IL

Date of Birth

Location of Death

Saint-Benoît-du-Sault, France

Date of Death

Location of Burial


More About Lieutenant Jones

Lieutenant Jones was killed in combat during the Saint-Mihiel Offensive. Eight German planes attacked his squadron of four planes and during the struggle his plane was among those that were struck down.

A comrade, Lieutenant George Willard Furlow, recounted Lt. Jones’ death in a letter to his mother, Mrs. Furlow, he states: “We were a patrol of four squads going out to strafe a road where enemy troops were reported moving. Just after we crossed the lines we were attacked by eight German chase planes, and I tell you it was an awful fight. We lost one man, and this was my friend, Gene Jones. The Germans lost four.” (Chicago Tribune, IL—November 2, 1918).