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James Jacob Block

Graduating Class of 1941
Served in World War II

Technician Third Grade
James Jacob Block



Milwaukee, WI

Date of Birth

Location of Death

Okinawa, Japan

Date of Death

Location of Burial

Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum, Milwaukee, WI

More About Technician Third Grade Block

Technician Third Grade James Jacob Block enlisted into the US Army on May 28, 1941, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended a three-year course on radar at the University of Hawaii. He was then sent to the Pacific Theater where he saw action in the Gilbert Islands. Technician Block was assigned to the 948th AAA Gun Battalion of the US Coastal Artillery Corps and sent to Okinawa where he served with Headquarters Company. On April 26, 1945, Block was wounded by artillery and, despite treatment from Army medics, succumbed to his wounds the same day. He is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.