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John Arthur Coons

Graduating Class of 1941
Served in World War II

Aviation Cadet
John Arthur Coons

Army Air Corps


Attica, NY

Date of Birth

Location of Death

Oklahoma, USA

Date of Death

Location of Burial

Forest Hill Cemetery Attica, NY

More About Aviation Cadet Coons

Aviation Cadet John Arthur Coons enlisted into the US Army Air Forces on Oct. 31, 1941. He had previously been part of the UW-Madison faculty as an assistant Spanish teacher. He became an aviation cadet and completed his preliminary flight training at Wilson-Bonifils Field in Oklahoma and completed his first solo flight only two weeks before his death. Aviation Cadet Coons was killed on Dec. 10, 1941, when his PT-19A trainer aircraft, s/n 41-14866, went into a stall and crashed 4.5 miles northeast of Wilson-Bonifils Field. He is interred at Forest Hill Cemetery in Attica, New York.