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George Reginald Dawe

Graduating Class of 1943
Served in World War II
Attached photograph of Second Lieutenant Dawe

Second Lieutenant
George Reginald Dawe

361st Infantry Regiment
91st Infantry Division


Madison, WI

Date of Birth

Location of Death


Date of Death

Location of Burial

Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, WI

More About Second Lieutenant Dawe

While at the university, Lieutenant Dawe studied Economics, was part of the Pershing Rifles organization, was the captain of Scabbard and Blade, and was on the Pistol Team.

Dawe received his training at Camp McCoy, Fort Benning, and Camp Shelby. He was sent overseas from Camp Shelby on May 1.

Second Lieutenant George Reginald Dawe was the commander of a rifle platoon in Co. K, 361st Infantry Regiment and served in the North African Campaign before his unit was moved to Italy. On June 26, 1944, his platoon was ordered to take a small town in Southern Italy. While leading the advance, 2nd Lieutenant Dawe was killed by an enemy sniper.

The 361st Infantry Regiment's Chaplain, Wilford Vanderpool, wrote the following to Dawe's mother following his death: "Any words of sympathy we express seem so feeble in your time of sorrow. God, alone, can give that peace, which passes all human understanding. However, it may be helpful to know that your son was a good soldier, an excellent officer, who was well-liked by the men of his company. He loved his home, his country, and the God-given principle of freedom. In true faithfulness to his duty, he fought to preserve them for us and in so doing gave that 'last full measure of devotion.' He gave his life that others might live."

He was initially buried in an American cemetery in Southern Italy, but in 1949, was re-interred at Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison, Wisconsin, where he lies today.