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Charles Robert Howell

Graduating Class of 1941
Served in World War II
Attached photograph of Captain Howell

Charles Robert Howell

Army Air Forces


Rockford, IL

Date of Birth

Location of Death

Lijiang, China

Date of Death

Location of Burial

Oakwood Cemetery, Beloit, WI

More About Captain Howell

Captain Howell studied Animal Husbandry while at the university. He participated in the ROTC, Military Ball, Saddle and Sirloin, and Scabbard and Blade. He was also a member of Alpha Tau Omega.

He was killed when U.S. Army Air Forces B-29-1-BW Superfortress #42-6240 crashed from unknown causes, 25 miles southeast of Likiang, China. Seven other airmen also perished.